Thursday, May 5, 2016

babymoon in maternity shorts

In honor of throwback Thursday (#tbt), this post will be dedicated to the outfit I wore in a recent picture I shared on Instagram announcing my mama-to-be status.  The picture was taken mid April in Kauai to celebrate the arrival of our little peanut (aka during our babymoon).  Steven and I had an amazing time! Most days were spent eating and lounging by the pool, but I'll save the trip recap for another post. :)

With warm, sunny weather comes bathing suits and shorts!  And with the new bump, I definitely needed to search for new clothes prior to our trip. 

The maternity shorts in the picture are pretty comfortable and have a bit of stretch.  They're the inset style, meaning there's a band on the side to expand with your growing belly.  Inset for shorts were the way to go.  Full panel (stretch material that covers your entire stomach) may have been too hot otherwise.  One thing to note is that I also purchased a denim wash, but it didn't have as much stretch as the white for some reason.  The white was more comfortable than the other color.

For the swim suit, I didn't want to get a one-piece, but I also didn't want to show too much skin since my belly was already getting big (I felt like I had a lot more skin to show now that my stomach is sticking out several inches!). I settled for a high neck bikini which gave me just the right amount of coverage.  The ones in this picture are from Target. Really comfortable and at a great price! I know my body will change after I deliver, so I definitely don't want to invest a lot in something that may not fit me down the road.

I purchased the top in Kauai as a souvenir to myself. :)  The material is super soft and has some give for my belly.  Besides that, I couldn't get over how cute the wording was on the shirt! For those who haven't been to Kauai, Hanalei Bay sits on the Northern end of the island. The top does run small, so order a size up. The one I'm wearing is a large to accommodate my belly, but pre-pregnancy I probably would've gone with a medium (typically a small in tops).

Links to my complete outfit below:
1. Gap Authentic 1969 Inset Panel Denim Summer Maternity Shorts
2. Target Xhilaration Women's High Neck Bikini Collection
3. Shipwrecked Kauai Hanalei is my Bae Muscle Tank

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